Super Diagonal Mario 2

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Super Diagonal Mario 2
Super Diagonal Mario 2

Super Diagonal Mario 2is a sequel to the popular platform game where the player takes on the role of Mario and travels through various levels collecting coins and fighting enemies.

In this installment of the game, players can enjoy even more diverse levels, new enemies and power-ups, and improved animations and graphics.

One of the most important new features in Super Diagonal Mario 2 is the ability to navigate levels in diagonal directions. Players can jump and run diagonally, allowing them to discover new paths and shortcuts in levels.

The game also features new power-ups such as "Super Diagonal Mario", which allows players to follow diagonal paths for extended periods of time, which makes it easier to pass more difficult levels.

Super Diagonal Mario 2 is the perfect entertainment for fans of the Mario series and lovers of platform games. The game offers many hours of fun and challenge, as well as beautiful animations and graphics that make players want to come back to it again and again.

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