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Stickman War is an addictive online game where you take on the role of a little stickman and fight against other players from around the world. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by eliminating opponents and capturing territories.

Stickman War offers a variety of game modes, including single fights, team battles and multiplayer. You can also customize the appearance of your stickman by choosing from the many options available.

At the beginning of the game you get a simple tutorial that introduces you to the basic rules of the game. After that, you can start your adventure by fighting other players on a variety of maps. Each map offers unique challenges and strategies, so there's no room for boredom.

Stickman War is a game that requires both skill and strategic thinking. You must react quickly to your opponents' movements, avoid attacks, and plan your own actions at the same time. The more points you earn, the higher you will be in the global ranking.

Moreover, Stickman War releases regular updates adding new maps, items and features to the game. You can also join various special events that offer additional prizes and bonuses.

If you like action games with strategic elements, Stickman War is the perfect choice for you. Immerse yourself in the world of stickmen and prove that you are the best fighter among all players!

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