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Police Chase

Police Chase is a fast-paced action game that will take you to the maelstrom of amazing police chases. You will play the role of an experienced detective whose task is to catch the most dangerous criminals. Your determination and driving skills will be the key to success in this non-stop game of law and justice.

You are a newly minted member of an elite police unit that specializes in catching fugitive criminals. Your first task is to hunt down a ruthless gangster known as "The Viper". The armored car, intelligence and ferocity of this criminal make him one of the toughest targets you've ever taken on.

Your adventure begins with an action-packed scene where you have to chase Viper through crowded city streets. Your police car is equipped with the latest technologies to help you take up the challenge. You must be extremely skillful and watch out for obstacles in the way to maintain the trust of your partner who accompanies you on this dangerous chase.

But speed isn't the only thing that matters in this game. You also need to use your deduction and analysis skills to anticipate Viper's moves. Collect clues and evidence that will help you determine where the criminal is hiding. The more information you gather, the better your chances of stopping Viper and restoring peace to the city.

As you progress through the levels, the chases become more exciting and challenging. You must apply all your skills and resources to defeat Viper and other criminals who stand in your way. Remember that your successes will be watched by millions of eyes from around the world - the media follows your every move and society expects you to bring justice.

Police Chase isn't just a game, it's also a challenge. Are you ready to stand in the ranks of the best detectives and face the most dangerous criminals? It's time to start the chase!

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