Privacy Policy

Introduction (hereinafter the "Website") respects the privacy of all website users and guarantees that the personal data provided to us will be treated as confidential information. We protect personal data with due diligence.

This privacy policy specifies the types of data collected and the purposes for which data is collected.

  1. This Privacy Policy applies to all our games, regardless of whether they are played on our website, on mobile devices, personal computers and other platforms. This also applies to our marketing and promotional activities on all platforms and other services that we may periodically offer you. This Privacy Policy collects our games, websites and our marketing and promotional activities as well as other services covered by the general term of our "Services". By downloading, accessing and playing our games or interacting with our websites and other services, you consent to the collection and use of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This includes your consent to the use of your data by KIZI MIZI and our partners for targeted promotional purposes, in accordance with the sections on advertising in this Privacy Policy. Your section also explains how to refuse or withdraw consent to the use of data for promotional purposes. If you have any other concerns about our use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, you should not use our games or other services.

    Playing our games

    By downloading, accessing or playing our games or using our other services, you consent to the collection of information about you through us. Most of this data (device information, country and region, and game information) comes directly from you or your device. We use this data to offer and optimize our games and services, prevent fraud, customize in-game offers and verify purchases. We may also use them for other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, such as advertising.
  2. Data collection and processing

    Website Users share some personal information with kizi-mizi. Two types of (personal) data should be separated - data provided actively and passively. Personal data that is actively provided is data that you enter yourself into the form on the Website. These include, for example, your name and email address that you must provide during registration to create a profile on the Website. Passively provided data is data collected automatically when browsing the Website. These include the IP address, information about the operating system installed on the computer, and information about the browser used. Data of users logged in to the user's profile provided actively and passively will be collected by the company. If you are not logged in, kizi-mizi can only collect passively provided information.

    kizi-mizi does not share personal data associated with the profile with third parties, unless it is forced to do so by law or obtains explicit permission of the user to do so.
    In the event of (alleged) fraud or abuse of the Website, kizi-mizi may transfer personal data to competent authorities. If the Site is taken over by another entity, you will need to provide all data to the new owner. The role of the entities with which kizi-mizi cooperates is to publish selected content on the Website. Imagine that the game is an image located elsewhere. You see it on the Website, which acts as a picture frame. The game has been placed on the Website by producers so that users can play it. kizi-mizi is not responsible for the ways in which these third parties process data.

  3. Parents and children

    Note: Users under 16 must obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian (hereinafter Parents) for the transfer of personal data and use of the Website.
    Are you a father, mother or legal guardian of a child using games published on the Website and want to withdraw consent? It is possible at any time. To delete an account / profile, contact us using the contact form published on the Website. We may then ask you to confirm your identity to check if the profile belongs to your child. The procedure will help to avoid deleting another user's profile.

  4. Data provided actively

    1. Registration

      The user must register to create a profile. kizi-mizi stores personal data entered by the user, such as email address and date of birth.

    2. Profile

      Using the profile, the user can access the personal data entered and change it, if necessary. You can access the profile by entering your username and password. To prevent abuse, it is prohibited to share your password with third parties.

    3. Contact form

      After completing the contact form or application on the Website or after sending an email to the company, the data will be stored until a full response is given and the form or message is processed in accordance with the nature of the form or the content of the email.

    4. Username and Password

      The username is associated with the password. Each user is responsible for using the password with due diligence. kizi-mizi assumes that the login user entering the username and password has the right to use the user profile. If the user suspects that unauthorized persons have gained access to the password, he must immediately report such suspicions to the company so that appropriate measures can be taken.

    5. Storage period

      kizi-mizi stores data provided actively by the user as long as the profile is in use or until the user requests to delete the profile. After deleting the profile, the Website will retain the profile data for an additional period of 30 days so that users who change their mind can access the profile again or in case there are complaints about the materials / information published by the user after deleting the profile.

      In the event of abuse of the Website resulting in the deletion of the kizi-mizi profile, it will retain the profile data in order to prevent future abuse.

      If the profile is not used for two years, it will be marked as inactive and all profile data associated with the profile will be deleted.

  5. Data provided passively

    1. Behavior on the site and data of visitors

      Data of visitors to the Website is collected for the purpose of conducting statistical analyzes related to the Website. General visitor data includes IP address, time of visit and data sent by the browser.

    2. Cookie Policy

      The site uses cookies. Cookies are small, simple files that are sent along with the pages of the Site and collected by your browser or on your computer's hard drive. The user can disable cookies, but the company does not recommend this. Disabling cookies will significantly limit some of the Website's functions. If, after the cookie bar is displayed, the user decides to agree to the Website's cookie policy by clicking the Website window and has a profile, the Website will place a cookie on the user's computer immediately after logging in using the username and password. Thanks to this, the Website will be able to recognize the user until the end of the current session. Information obtained by the company in this way will be used to tailor the Website to the wishes and preferences of the user.

      Cookies facilitate the use of the Website and adapt it to the needs of the user. There are three types of cookies.

      • Necessary:

        These are cookies that enable the Website to be displayed and basic functions such as automatic login. They are collected automatically without the need for additional consent.

      • Related to functionality:

        These cookies allow you to save your preferred settings, such as your favorite color and user's avatar.

      • Related to the presentation:

        Thanks to these cookies, the user can see the games he has played, the games he has marked as favorites, and the games he has reported. They are collected automatically without the need for additional consent.

      • Third-party cookies:

        Thanks to these cookies, the Website may display ads tailored to the user's preferences.

        They are stored with the consent of the user. The User may consent to the collection of such cookies by selecting "I Agree" on the cookie bar or by clicking Website after the cookie bar is displayed.

    3. Deleting cookies

      You do not want to use cookies? If you want to delete cookies, you can do so by changing your browser settings. kizi-mizi has no effect on these files because they are stored in your browser. If you need help, go to the "Help" section of your browser. You can delete third party cookies at . This will prevent them from being restored to other sites.

    4. advertisement

      Our games may contain advertisements for third-party products and services. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy and by downloading or continuing to play our games or continuing to use our services, and unless you oppose interest-based advertising as set out in this section, you agree that we and our partners collect and use information about you , to improve advertising, audience targeting and metrics so that we can display relevant third-party ads in our games.
    5. What information is used for advertising purposes?

      Uwe use advertising identifiers and other information that we collect about you to make sure that you only see ads promoting games that may be of interest to you. This includes the following information: Advertising identifiers and other information collected about your device. For more information, see Advertising Terms, Cookies and Related Technologies; the games you play, and information about your interactions with our games and services; your age, country and region, and gender and other demographic information based on interests that we receive from our external marketing partners or other third parties who have your consent or other rights to share this information with us.
    6. Advertising partners

      When you play our games or use our services, impersonal and other information about your device is collected and shared with affiliates to enable technical provision of advertising on your device. Our partners may aggregate this information with other information collected when using their services (or websites or third party services) in order to present more relevant advertisements in our games or to improve the accuracy of their recipients and rating systems. You agree to the collection and use of your information for advertising purposes by our partners as described in this section and in accordance with the applicable Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read our partner's privacy policy for more information. A full list of our advertising partners and their privacy policy can be found here. You can withdraw or refuse consent at any time - for more information, see "How to customize interest-based advertising settings".
    7. Google

      The site contains ads provided by the US company Google. Cookies and other technologies such as Google Analytics are also used to track user behavior on the Website. The information obtained in this way, including the computer address (IP address), will be forwarded to Google and collected on Google's servers.

      Google uses information to track site behavior and to report on the site. This allows Google advertisers to check the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may disclose such information to third parties if required to do so by law, or if third parties process such information on behalf of Google. kizi-mizi has no influence on this.

      The following Google Analytics advertising features operate on the Website:

      • remarketing in Google Analytics,
      • reporting impressions on the Google Display Network,
      • Google Analytics demographics and interest reporting
      • integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data through advertising cookies and identifiers.

      Users can withdraw their consent to the advertising functions of Google Analytics on the websiteGoogle Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on or in the menu „Ad settings”.

  6. Deactivation of interest-based advertising

    By updating your device settings, you can prevent the use of ad identifiers from an interest-based advertising device. For more information, see "How to customize interest-based advertising" below. Remember that you can still play our games and you will still see ads in our games, even if you opt out of interest-based advertising. However, these ads are not targeted and do not use information stored about you. However, you can specify it based on contextual criteria, such as the game in which the ad or device region is displayed.
  7. How to customize interest-based advertising settings

    By changing your device settings, you can stop using the device-based device ad tag or reset the device ad tag. Although the settings differ from device to device, you can usually find the ad tag settings in "Privacy" or "Ads" in your device settings. If you change settings to stop using these technologies, you may not be able to use all of our services. Remember that adjusting the settings described in this section does not prevent any ads from being displayed. It simply makes sure that the ads displayed are less relevant to your interests. We will continue to use your device's ad ID to display ads; For example, we can use it to limit the number of impressions (i.e. to set the maximum number of ads for the same ad from us).
  8. Changes to the privacy policy

    The Website's privacy policy may change. We recommend that you check the privacy policy regularly to keep up to date with any changes.

  9. Access to personal data and making changes

    Users can change or delete personal data provided in an active manner on the profile page.

    Users can at any time ask questions regarding: privacy policy, access to personal data and changing personal data collected on the Website or deleting such data. To this end, use contact form published on the Website.