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Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi
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Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi

Welcome to Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi - an amazing game that will take you on a space journey full of adventures! Take on the role of a friendly monkey who must find the missing parts of the spaceship in order to return to his beloved planet.

Go in search of adventure

Embark on a mysterious and dangerous journey through space, visiting various planets and meeting strange creatures. You must collect clues and solve puzzles to discover where parts of your ship are hidden. Will you be able to survive in the cosmic mazes and find the necessary elements?

Overcome obstacles

Your monkey is not defenseless! She has unique skills that will help her overcome all obstacles. By jumping high, climbing walls, and using other abilities, you must learn new skills as you travel. Use them to defeat monsters, pass through traps and reach hard-to-reach places.

Discover the mysteries of the cosmos

Each planet your monkey lands on holds unique mysteries and puzzles. You must explore the secrets of the cosmos by solving logical puzzles and finding hidden objects. Discover forgotten civilizations, ancient artifacts and remnants of other space travelers. Will you be able to unravel the greatest mystery of the cosmos?

Save your monkey

Your main goal, of course, is to get the monkey home. Find all parts of your ship, repair it and return to your beloved planet. Can you overcome all the obstacles, find the missing parts and save your monkey from being stranded on an alien planet forever?

Go on a space adventure in Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi today!

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