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Jewel Magic Xmas: Mystery of the Enchanted Winter

Take the role of a young witch, Amelia, who discovers the magic of Christmas. In a faraway land where snow falls like white jewels, Amelia is summoned by an ancient fairy to save the world from breaking the spell of Christmas.

On her journey through magical forests, enchanted caves and ice castles, Amelia must find and collect jewelry gems that possess extraordinary powers. However, the road to the end of the Enchanted Winter mystery is full of difficulties and puzzles. Will Amelia be able to defeat the dark forces that want to destroy the magic of Christmas?

As the game progresses, players must connect gems in lines, creating bursts of magical energy to score points and unlock levels. Each level offers new challenges, such as destroying a boat, unlocking locked chests or freeing enchanted characters.

While searching for gems, players also discover secret spells that they can use to fight evil forces. Spells allow you to freeze enemies, unlock hidden treasures, and upgrade Amelia's skills.

Can you help Amelia save Christmas from the dark forces? Will you collect all the jewels and discover the mystery of Enchanted Winter? Join the Jewel Magic Xmas game and enter a world of magic and adventure!

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