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Crash Bandicoot: The Lost Island

Crash Bandicoot must embark on a dangerous quest to find a lost island. This remote land is full of mysterious artifacts, but also hosts of enemies who want to take control of the island. Crash must use his skills and wits to survive this wilderness and discover what happened on this lost island.

Crash Bandicoot: The Time Warp

As a result of an unfortunate experiment, Crash Bandicoot is transported back in time. Now he must survive in different eras to discover what caused this disaster. Traveling through different historical periods, Crash meets many characters and must face various challenges in order to return to his real time.

Crash Bandicoot: The Racing Championship

Crash Bandicoot and his friends are in a big racing tournament. In this game, players will race on different tracks using different vehicles and weapons to get first place. Each track has its own challenges and obstacles to overcome. Will Crash and his team be able to win this tournament and claim the title of racing champion?

Crash Bandicoot: The Battle for the Multiverse

In this game, Crash Bandicoot has to fight a mad scientist who wants to destroy all the worlds in the multiverse. Crash must travel through different worlds to collect artifacts that will allow him to defeat the mad scientist and save all the worlds. Players will face many enemies and bosses to progress through each level and win this epic battle.

Crash Bandicoot: The Quest for the Crystal

In this game, Crash Bandicoot is sent on a mission to find a magical crystal that can save his world. On his quest, Crash must progress through various levels, face various enemies, and solve puzzles in order to get to the crystal. Will Crash be able to get the crystal and save his planet?

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