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Celtic Mahjong
Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong:

Welcome to the magical world of Celtic Mahjong, where old stones have been given a new life! Live an amazing adventure as you uncover the mysteries of the ancient Celts and solve challenging Mahjong puzzles.

Solve Mahjong puzzles:

Get ready for an unforgettable challenge! Many levels full of intriguing Mahjong layouts await you in Celtic Mahjong. Connect the right stones to remove them from the board and discover more secrets of the Celtic world.

Refreshed game mechanics:

Celtic Mahjong is a unique combination of classic Mahjong with modern game mechanics. Take advantage of various power-ups and bonuses to make your gameplay easier. Discover magic stones that have special abilities and will help you in more difficult levels.

Eye-friendly design:

Feel the magic of the ancient Celts with beautifully designed boards and colored stones. The graphics in Celtic Mahjong are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also help you recognize patterns more easily, making puzzle solving easier.

Discover the secrets of the Celtic world:

Follow in the footsteps of the Celts and discover their secrets. Each level in Celtic Mahjong is full of references to Celtic culture and history. During the game you will learn many interesting facts and legends that will make your adventure even more fascinating.

Become a Celtic Mahjong master:

Are you up for the challenge? Celtic Mahjong offers you the opportunity to become a Celtic Mahjong master. Beat all the levels, collect as many points as possible and prove your skills. Can you become the best Celtic Mahjong player?

Start your Celtic Mahjong adventure now!

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