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1010 Animals

1010 Animals is a dynamic puzzle game that takes players into the adventurous world of animals. Playing the role of an experienced zoologist, players are tasked with building the largest and most diverse zoo in the world.

In 1010 Animals, players start their adventure with a small area they have available. Their goal is to place different animals on the board in such a way as to create horizontal or vertical lines. For each animal placed, players earn points and unlock new locations to explore.

While exploring, players have the opportunity to discover new species of animals, from small and cute pranksters to impressive and majestic predators. Each animal has its own unique characteristics and abilities that can be used to build the perfect ecosystem.

But watch out! Many challenges and difficulties await you in 1010 Animals. Players will have to manage the limited space on the board, adapt to different animal sizes and anticipate their behavior. All this to maintain balance in your zoo and ensure harmonious cooperation between all species.

1010 Animals also offers the opportunity to compete with other players. Through the built-in ranking system, players can compare their achievements and compete for the title of the best zoologist. Can you create the most impressive zoo and become the champion in the world of 1010 Animals?

Get ready for an endless adventure full of beautiful graphics, cool sounds and addictive gameplay. In 1010 Animals, every day is a new opportunity to discover the fascinating world of animals and make your zoological dreams come true!

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